Our Guild offers four scholarships at this time.
Each requires that the recipient does a demonstration to the Guild along with a newsletter article, preferably a how-to article on what they learned, not how good the food was...


The scholarships are:

Philip Simmons Scholarship: This scholarship is named for our friend and mentor for whom our Guild is named. This was our first scholarship named in honor of Mr. Simmons.

Wayne Smith Scholarship: This scholarship was our second scholarship. It was named by our Guild for the son of Wayne Dale Smith, one of our early members. Wayne was killed in a tragic car accident in 2001. Wayne was a big help to the Hills in the handling of our meetings at their shop in our early years. He was a nice kid. He is missed by those who knew him.

Memorial Scholarship, for 2006, The Charlie Sherman Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is funded by some iron-in-the-hat funds along with donations from our members who wish to make a memorial donation in the name of someone dear to the Guild. This scholarship will be continued as funds permit.

The Weekend Scholarship, as yet no other name designation. This scholarship was created to allow the smith who cannot afford the time away from work or home to still take advantage of the educational offerings of nearby blacksmith schools.

In addition to these scholarships, the Southern Blacksmith Association, host of the Southeastern Region Blacksmith Conference at Madison, has proffered up to $1000 for our Guild to send a smith to school. The smith has to complete several requirements, as follows: The recipient will have to demonstrate for a main Guild meeting, write an article for the newsletter, and complete taking the scholarship by the end of calendar year 2006.

NEW Scholarship information for the Francis Whitaker Blacksmith Scholarship just added (August 28 2010) HERE

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